Big 12 Media Days – Kansas State

DALLAS (KSNT) – Kansas State head football coach Bill Snyder addressed the media during the second day of the Big 12’s Media Days at the Omni Hotel in Dallas.

Synder’s Wildcats are picked to finish third in the conference this season.

“My degree of optimism is negotiated daily, I think, and the mantra of our program has always been centered around that daily improvement,” said Snyder. “When we make daily improvement, then I become a little more optimistic. And when we don’t, obviously I don’t. My major concern is always young people taking things for granted. I say young people. I probably can reference everybody in our program, is not taking our performance level, our talent level for granted, not taking the preparation for opponents for granted, not taking our workouts during the course of the summer for granted. Trying to find that way to get better every single day. And I’m not alone in that. I think that’s probably a feeling that permeates collegiate athletics across the board.

The Wildcats return a talented core of players from last season, as well as many new faces who will be wearing purple on Saturdays.

“I’m proud of so many of our youngsters, the five that are here and so many more that we have back in Manhattan right now who have really invested themselves during the course of the summer,” said Snyder. I can’t make projections in regards to what kind of a football team. I know what we have capabilities of being and whether or not we can reach that level or not is dependent upon a lot of things, and the biggest thing is not taking anything for granted”

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