New device helps disabled athletes

(KSBY)  The 35th Annual San Luis Obispo Triathlon is less than a week away and the Mechanical Engineering and Kinesiology Departments at California Polytechnic State University are getting involved to give one athlete the chance to compete.

“He’s my best buddy. We do everything together. We run. We walk. We are real active,” says John Cornelius, a SLO Triathlon competitor, describing his son, Joseph.

He says there isn’t any downtime in his house.

“When we run, when we walk, he just is at peace. His body relaxes. He hears the noises, feels the breeze. I want him to live life and I want him to be able to experience everything possible,” says Cornelius.

His 20 year old son, Joseph, has cerebral palsy. He can’t walk or talk but not much slows them down. They run up to 1,500 miles per year. This year they signed up for a triathlon.

“He loves the water. He is just getting so big and so strong, it is a challenge for me to let him be free in the water,” says Cornelius.

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