Side job gone wrong

(KSNT) – Chris Hernandez figured it would be a routine job.

“I needed a washer and dryer hookup for my house,” Hernandez said.

But the technician made some mistakes and Hernandez and his fiance were left to deal with this.

“From there it all flooded to my neighbors below me and neighbors to the right of them, paint, popcorn, carpet, damage, my flooring was damaged, pretty messy,” Hernandez said.

The technician’s reaction made Hernandez skeptical.

“Really panicky, something was going on there pretty sure he was trying to put the money in his pocket,” Hernandez said.

Kansas First News asked Snake N Rooter for an on camera interview, but they declined. When we asked them if they would pay for the repairs totaling more than six thousand dollars, they said quote “absolutely not!” The reason? The technician was not on a scheduled job.

They say hernandez knew that going in, but Hernandez tells us he thought it was a legitimate job.

“It’s not a big deal money wise but it’s the principle. You have a multi-million dollar company you need to do the right thing what it comes down to. I have my own business, if I ran it the way they’re running their business I would not be here,” Hernandez said.

So how can you keep from watching your money go down the drain when it comes to working with contractors?

Kansas doesn’t require contractors to be licensed or bonded, as many other states do. So the Better Business Bureau recommends signing a contract between you and the business before the work is done or any money changes hands – a work order isn’t good enough.

“Your work order you’re basically agreeing on that price. Your contract is the more detailed obligation that the consumer and the business have with one another as opposed to just the price,” Denise Groene, BBB State Director said.

If you do have a problem, you can file a complaint with the BBB and use its dispute resolution services, all in an effort to avoid small claims court.

Hernandez’s goal is getting these repairs made.

“I’m going to have to go through my insurance and get it fixed under my half and my insurance will have to go after their insurance company,” Hernandez said.

The next time he needs work done, Hernandez says he’ll go with a different company.

The Snake N Rooter employee who performed the work was fired for performing an unscheduled job which is against company policy. A spokesperson also tells Kansas First News a separate employee was sent out to Hernandez’s home soon after learning of the problem to ensure the fix to the pipe was made correctly.


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