Questions raised about state moving to leased office space

TOPEKA (KSNT) – State Senator Laura Kelly asked legislators to make the buying and leasing of state office buildings a top audit priority.

Last legislative session, a bill passed allowing four state office buildings to be sold. State workers would remain in the buildings, however, the buildings would be sold to private businesses then leased. Senator Kelly asked that this process be audited to ensure it is the state’s most cost effective option. She used Arizona as an example, saying, “When they were in a budget crisis, much like we are right now, Arizona sold off essentially their capital complex. The same governor in 2014 was proposing to buy those buildings back because it was a huge mistake.” Senator Kelly warned about Kansas making the same mistake.

Senator Kelly’s propositon was out-voted in favor of auditing money going towards a gambling addiction program. She plans on submitting the issue again for their October meeting.



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