Topeka Zoo introduces ‘Jeans for Giraffes Program’

TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Topeka Zoo announced Tuesday it has initiated “Jeans for Giraffes,” a program to raise money for the conservation of wild giraffes.

Two new Jeans for Giraffes collection receptacles are now in place in the zoo’s parking lot, where supporters can donate old clothing and other cloth items.  Once collected, jeans will be taken to a textile recycler to be turned into insulation for homes and businesses.  Other items will be reused as clothing for underprivileged individuals in Topeka and abroad.

“One-hundred percent of the money made from this program will be sent to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation to support research and field work to save the giraffes of Africa,” Topeka Zoo Education Curator Dennis Dinwiddie said.

Giraffes have been identified as one of the most endangered of Africa’s iconic species.  Reticulated giraffes, like those found at the Topeka Zoo, number fewer than 4,700 in the wild, and are dispersed across three different African nations in small, broken groups.  In efforts to bring awareness to the giraffe crisis, the Topeka Zoo is stepping up measures to help provide the resources necessary to help save the giraffes of Africa before more giraffe species become extinct.

Items accepted include:  used clothing of all types, household linens, shoes and boots (pairs only, please), belts, pocket books and purses, sheets and bedding, drapes and curtains, towels, all other clean items of cloth construction, and plastic children’s toys.

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