Dennison mayor resigns 2 weeks before recall election

DENNISON (KSNT) – The mayor of the small town of denison in jackson county has submitted her resignation. This comes just two weeks before a recall election.

Audrey Oliverius” sent her letter of resignation to the Jackson County Clerk on Monday. She came under fire earlier this year for an apparent violation of the “open meeting act.”

The recall question will remain on the ballot, as advance voting has already begun.

Here’s the full text of Oliverius’ resignation letter:

July 21, 2014

Denison City Council Members,

This is notice of my official resignation from the position of Mayor for the City of Denison. It has become

clearly apparent to me, that three of the city council members and several community members are not

ready for a positive change in the town. It is the job of the mayor and the city council members to

manage the assets of the City, enforce policies and enforce the city ordinances equally and fairly to all.

This has not been happening and your actions have proven you are not interested in doing what is best

for the community. For example, you do not want to properly manage the City’s assets; you do not want

to enforce the personnel policies; nor are you willing to enforce the ordinances fairly to all residents.

I will continue to pray that one day the community will be ready for a positive change and young

individuals will have a place to call home in Denison. This will not be possible unless change takes place

soon. In the last couple of months, the City has saved more than $20,000 by not having full-time

employees, monitoring spending and combining positions that were not needed independently. This

activity can continue if you stick to proper processes and monitor the financials daily. Do not go back to

the “way it was” because it wasn’t working. Denison and its people must evolve in order to thrive. The

reasoning of “because it’s always been that way” is no longer a valid justification nor is it in the

community’s best interest. It has been proven that the city clerk and treasurer positions can be

combined. The workload is not full-time and can be accomplished in less than 20 hours per week.

Services weren’t compromised and efficiencies were accomplished by switching to a single software

platform to perform several tasks that had been done through various platforms and spreadsheets. The

new software makes effective use of the City tools and resources and saves both time and money.

I’m ashamed for the town and its people that the new City Clerk/Treasurer was run-off by a council

member, former employee and community members. Their harassment and statements were too much

to handle. I.e. “you should quit because once Audrey is gone, things are going back to the way they

were. You’ll be fired and we’ll hire the former employees back.” I did what I could to keep a positive

atmosphere around her, but was overpowered by the hatred of the old ways. She learned the roles and

responsibilities quickly and was doing an excellent job. The processes in place are starting to make great

strides in a positive direction for the community. By continuing to save money, resources may be used

for much needed upgrades to the gas and water meters which are deteriorating at a rapid rate

throughout the community. Or the money can be spent on upkeep to the park so the children of the

community always have a place to play. I encourage you to be wise, perform research and use clear and

unbiased thinking when making business decisions. The decisions you make are not about one

individual, but all individuals within the community. The preservation of Denison for future generations

counts on it and is now in your hands.

I request that the State Election Department and Jackson County Election Department perform an audit

of the City of Denison. I also request that an outside CPA firm perform an audit of the City’s records as


I wish the community well and hope that happiness and peace finds its way back into the hearts and

homes of everyone.

I want to leave you with a verse the Lord has laid upon my heart recently to lift me up and let me know

he is always with me. Deuteronomy 31:6; “Be strong and of good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of

them: for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee”.

May you all have a blessed day.


Audrey Oliverius

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