ECAP Fostering Computer Program

“The experiences that we’ve gotten with you know the kids have been even better then that,” Melissa Hutton said.

Melissa Hutton and her husband are foster parents.

they currently are fostering a child through a program called Every Child A Priority or ECAP.

They say fostering a child isn’t always easy.

“It’s definitely a challenge with each child because each child is different and you never know what their past experiences have been,” Hutton said.

ECAP makes the matching process between foster parents and children easier.

A software program matches parents with children based on compatibility and needs.

“We ask a series of up to 70 questions on both sides to see what, what’s going to be the best fit,” CEO of TFI Family Services Michael Patrick said.

This process was created and implemented in 2010 by TFI Family Services.

The goal is to get more foster children to the best possible home.

In four years, placement stability for the children has increased 22% and children placed with ECAP spent an average of 53 days fewer in care.

“Because they’re able to stay in one place, get the treatment they need, get their education, get things going, without bouncing around and not disrupting and not moving from one foster home to another,” Patrick said.

Through the successes of the program, the Huttons have two adopted children, they adopted one through the program.

They’re planning to adopt the child they are fostering now.

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