Water main break floods intersection in downtown Topeka

TOPEKA (KSNT) – A major water main break at 8th Street and Kansas Avenue has flooded that part of downtown Topeka. The intersection is expected to remain closed through tomorrow. Construction equipment hit a water main at the intersection of the two streets around four this afternoon. A viewer sent us video shot on their cell phone. It took the Topeka Water Department a half hour to respond to the break and get the water shut off. Businesses will still have access to water according to Downtown Topeka, Inc.

Police say there wasn’t much impact on traffic because the roadway was already limited by the construction itself.

Lupita’s Mexican Restaurant posted a video to their Facebook page encouraging patrons to come down for dinner despite the mess. The restaurant’s owners have complained in the past that the Kansas Avenue construction is hurting their business. So much so, that they’ve launched a social media campaign to try and lure people to their eatery. Today, they posted a video with their specials that included a pan over to the flooded street. The spokesman says they hope the city will have the water back on in time for the dinner rush.

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