Renowned horse trainer coming to Topeka

World famous clinician Clinton Anderson will be bringing his Walkabout Tour to the Kansas Expocentre on August 2nd and 3rd.

It’s a two-day horsemanship experience. The Walkabout Tour is two days full of innovation, inspiration and instruction designed to help people reach their horsemanship goals. Whether they ride English, Western or just love to hit the trails, they can learn how the man behind the Method uses his techniques every single day to develop respectful and safe horses.

Clinton works with a variety of local problem horses for demonstrations that cover hard-to-catch horses, disrespectful horses on the ground and under saddle, spooky horses and horses that are hard to trailer load.

People will be able to see firsthand the partnership they can share with their horse if they follow the Method when Clinton puts in an awe-inspiring performance with his gelding Diez on the ground and under saddle.

Clinton’s commonsense approach to horsemanship, ability to break down even the most complicated maneuvers in easy-to-understand terms and his Aussie wit will not only educate people but will keep them entertained and inspired to become a better horseman.


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