Chiefs hope to finish what they start

The Kansas City Chiefs lost six of their final eight games in the 2013 season.

St. Joseph, Mo. (KSNT) – The Kansas City Chiefs enjoyed one of the best starts in franchise history a season ago. However, with the way the campaign ended, players have one message entering this year.


“Recalling from what we did last year, we didn’t finish last year,” Chiefs Pro Bowl linebacker Justin Houston said. “Even the playoff game, we had a great start, but we didn’t finish the game. So hopefully everybody still has that taste in their mouth and they want to get rid of it.”

We all know how the season came to an end with that playoff loss at Indianapolis. That game pretty much summer up the entire season for the Chiefs.

“It was a nightmare, that game,” Houston said. “Anytime you get a start like that and you finish the game, it’s a nightmare and you have to live with it. So that taste will be in my mouth until I play another game.”

The Chiefs started (9-0) and had a 4th quarter lead in all but three games.

“Certainly I think when you look at last year, the games that we did lose there were a lot of them that we had the chance to whether we were coming from behind or had the lead, a chance to finish and didn’t do that,” Chiefs Pro Bowl quarterback Alex Smith said.

Kansas City struggled down the stretch as the Chiefs lost six of their final eight games.

“I can’t wait for the season to start,” Chiefs Pro Bowl linebacker Derrick Johnson said. “We played exceptional, especially the first half of the season. Didn’t finish as well as we wanted to. We’ve got a lot of things to work on. We have a good nucleus of core guys here and are doing a bunch of good things here.”

“All in all, we have to come into practice strong and finish stronger,” Chiefs Pro Bowl defensive tackle Dontari Poe said. “Start strong, finish strong. Same with the season. We have to rep it up and get better as the year goes on. We’ll be alright.”

The Chiefs won’t get an opportunity to suit up when it counts until the season opener on September 7th against the Tennessee Titans.

In the mean time, training camp in St. Joseph, Mo. is the place to start.

“I think that this is the time,” Chiefs Pro Bowl quarterback Alex Smith said. “You can create a lot of different scenarios out here. The time to get competitive, offense versus defense. We can do two minute, we can do four minute both ways. I’m sure we will. We did it all last year and I’m sure it’ll be done all this year. We’re working on finishing.”

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