Bubble Soccer arrives in northeast Kansas

TOPEKA (KSNT) – The game of soccer has taken an entirely different angle with the newest tweak to the game. Bubble soccer is out in full-force in northeast Kansas.

The concept is simple. Each player wears a bubble suit complete with shoulder straps and handles. In this version of the game, contact and collisions are encouraged.

“We started over at Washburn university and the first couple matches I was surprised that when I finally climbed out of the bubble I saw about 30 or 40 people just standing around watching, and they all wanted to play,” said Trevor Burdett of Bubble Soccer Kansas. “So the reaction has been huge, and I kind of just expect it to grow.”

“Anybody can really play. You don’t have to be the most athletic person to just come out here and have fun. It can be all ages, kids and adults,” said Burdett. “It’s kind of a nice, safe way to take out a little family aggression as well, so it kind of works out in all ways.”

The game may look dangerous, but when you’re secured inside the bubble, it’s injury-free.

“the nice thing about it is you’re encased in the bubble so you really can’t get hurt,” said Burdett. “There’s straps that come up over your shoulders and keep you from falling out of the top, and other than maybe a little scrape on the knee, all the people we’ve had so far, no one has gotten hurt.”

“All the bubble suits we have now are available for rent, for fundraisers, corporate events, birthday parties, and special occasions,” said Burdett. “We have both adult sizes that i’m wearing now, and child sizes.”

For more information on how you can get involved and play, visit http://www.bubblesoccerkansas.com
Or check them out on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/bubblesoccerkansas

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