TV Host Attempts to Break Record

Mike Anderson hosts The Not So Late Show on cable channel 6 in Lawrence.

His goal, to break the record for longest marathon TV talk show.

66 hours of non-stop television.

But why? the only way to get some of mike’s time was to join the effort.

“I thought why not, and uh, you know just trying to push yourself to be better and to be a better talk show host to be, be something that other people haven’t done,” Anderson said.

His friends who were in the studio to support him say he’s been practicing for the big event.

“You know he’s done 60 hours before a month ago and he went through waves like this,” friend Mick Cottin said.

He started the show on Friday night and was suppose to finish Monday afternoon.

But it was clear early Sunday afternoon he was in trouble.

“When I was watching last night he had a sleep psychologist on the air talking to him about what’s probably going to happen to his body after several hours, he said you’re probably going to be a little, hallucinating,” audience member Michael O’Brien said.

Shortly after Kansas First News spoke with him, the paramedics were called in.

After all that was said and done he was only able to make it to 39 hours, 22 minutes and 55 seconds.

In the end, the lack of sleep and maybe too much coffee took its toll.

No word at this time whether he’ll try it again.

The record, set in 2013, is 62 hours and 12 minutes.

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