Osage City clinic under new management

OSAGE CITY (KSNT) – On Friday, Osage City would have lost one of their only two primary care clinics. Instead of closing, the clinic is staying open, but under new management.

Nicolette Schleisman has a follow-up to a story Kansas First News first brought to you earlier this month.

“Everything is fine again,” said Jim Gardner, Osage City resident.

Just days ago, patients, like Jim Gardner, at Newman Osage Clinic were worried they would have to find another place for health care.

“There was a sense of comfort knowing that maybe the name will change, but the faces weren’t,” said Gardner.

Newman Regional made the announcement that they were closing the doors in Osage City three weeks ago. That is just barely a year after they opened the clinic and everything at the clinic is brand new.

So what changed in just three weeks?

Tammy Patterson, the clinic’s Nurse Practitioner. The doors are staying open because she bought it.

“It’s a bit overwhelming. I’m not going to lie,” said Patterson.

And the clinic is being renamed Osage Family Clinic.

“This was the perfect fit. So honestly, our first thought was we’re going to follow her and stay with Tammy,” said Bryan Sage, Osage City resident.

But it is not a quick and easy process.

“I’m getting credited through insurance companies, of course we have to get another tax ID number, and different legal things such as that,” Patterson.

The practice will essentially be the same. The same care, the same service. Only the name changes. But best of all, the doors will remain open.

“I do feel like everybody has got my back,” said Patterson.

Without the deal, the clinic would have turned off the lights Friday.

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