Sale Tax on November ballot

TOPEKA (KSNT) – For weeks Shawnee County and the city of Topeka have been going back and forth over what to spend the half cent sales tax on if an extension of the existing tax is approved by voters.

The city finalized its plans last week. The county commission has now done its part but not without a bump in the road.

Commissioner Shelly Buhler voted against Monday’s measure because she wanted to earmark funding to replace Willard Bridge but she didn’t receive a second to her motion.

The bridge is in Buhler’s district and she says it’s no longer safe to drive on.

But she couldn’t get support for the money to fix it – so she voted against the entire package.

“What the commission did today is not even allow that part of the county to weigh in on their issue that’s important to them,” Buhler said.

The plan did pass 2-1, and places like the Expocentre and the Topeka Zoo will get money.

Now the challenge for both the city and county is to convince voters to part with their money.

“I think it is important that we have it so that we can continue to move our city forward,” Topeka Mayor Larry Wolgast said.

Neither entity has decided exactly how much to spend on each project.

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