Topeka tiger cubs explore new territory

(KSNT Photo/Rocky Arnold)

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Three new tiger cubs checked out some new surroundings at the Topeka Zoo Tuesday morning. The cubs had their first glimpse at the great outdoors after being sheltered inside since being born in early May.

Zoo staff watched as the cubs explored the area before the Zoo opened to the public. Zoo Directory Brendan Wiley said the cubs first adventure outside went without any surprises and added they may be ready for the public debut as soon as this weekend.

Tuesday morning’s trek outdoors for the cubs was on their own without their mother’s guidance.

“We wanted to make sure on their first time outside if we needed to intervene, that we had a safe place to do that,” says Wiley. “We kept mom inside; she’s been a wonderful mother, she didn’t mind letting the cubs out but so far they’re handling things perfectly.”

For the cubs and their father it was the first time seeing each other. They will continue to be separated. Wiley said that’s because Sumatran Tigers are solitary animals and the risk is high that he could possibly kill one of the cubs.

Two of the cubs now have names, Raza and Shanti. The third will be named through a public auction.

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