More mailbox vandalism in Topeka

TOPEKA (KSNT) – More Topeka residents woke up Wednesday morning to see their mail box lying in pieces, about 20 residents made reports. The vandals struck the north end of in the capitol city, the second time in a week where there’s been a vandalism spree.

“Well I first heard the car coming up the street on 58th street then I heard a bang, then I heard him coming around the corner,” victim Frances Eckhoff said.

The next thing she knew her mailbox was in pieces and she saw a car in front of her house.

Unlike Sunday’s incident, where no one saw the vandals, this time Eckhoff was a witness.

“And I thought he was, I really thought he was drunk,” Eckhoff said.

Shawnee County Sheriff’s office tell Kansas First News they aren’t tying this incident to the one that happened last weekend, at least not yet.

“So we do rely on the eyes and ears of the public out there,” Shawnee County Sheriff Herman T. Jones said.

But there could be more damaged mailboxes that haven’t been reported yet.

If your mailbox has been damaged make sure you call your local post office so that it can hold your mail until you replace it.

Replacing your average mail box like this one can range from $30 to $150.

“So it’s pretty frustrating, that we have to now replace the entire thing,” victim Jodi Loy said.

If caught, the vandals face either misdemeanor or felony charges, it depends on the total damage costs.

In Sunday’s vandalism spree – more than 100 mail boxes were damaged in the southeastern part of Shawnee County, the opposite direction of Wednesday morning’s incident.

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