Washburn student invents straight shot golf technique

Washburn student Harry Briggs came up with a way to help golfers shoot a straight shot with 'Sight Ball.'

TOPEKA (KSNT) – One local inventor is helping amateur players score better on the golf course.

“The biggest problem I had, was mainly my aiming, and ever since I’ve used ‘Sight Ball’, I’m able to line up to the hole and get a much straighter shot,” ‘Sight Ball’ inventor Harry Briggs said. “It has definitely improved my game.”

Briggs created ‘Sight Ball’ about two years ago and the senior at Washburn University has watched the product grow to new heights.

“I’ve probably seen about every golf aid out there, and I realized hey, there’s nothing on an actual golf ball that can actually help a person with their stance, their focus, their club positioning.”

With the help of Washburn’s Business Development Center, ‘Sight Ball’ currently has a patent pending status. Within a year, Briggs hopes to have the patent.

“I think the biggest part about ‘Sight Ball’ for golfers is being able to aim their ball,” Briggs said. “Not just on the putting green, but I mean just driving, and on their short game. One of the biggest parts about putting is your aiming, and ‘Sight Ball’ gives you the ability to do that.”

So how does it work?

Every sight on the ball has a purpose.

“You want to choose one of the sights, and you want to point it toward your hole, or wherever you are going to shoot,” Briggs said. “The other sight in the back lines up your club position, and the other sight pointing at your feet shows you where you’re standing lined up to the ball. Line up the sight to the hole, line up your club, and you focus on the top sight, pointing up toward your head, and you basically just swing.”

In order to shoot a lower score and get more birdies on your scorecard, you can use ‘Sight Ball.’

Simply line up the sights to the pin, position the ball on the ground and focus in on the hole.

Line up and address the ball. Forget about three-putting. You can change those two putts into a single putt and lower your handicap.

For more information visit Sight Ball.

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