Do you have a spider bite or not?

TOPEKA (KSNT) – There’s been an increase in cases of people getting brown recluse spider bites in parts of the south. But should Kansan’s be worried? After all the spider is found here.

Doctors tell us many people go into the emergency room thinking they’ve been bitten, but what they think is a spider bite, is more likely to be something completely different.

A rash-like spot is what a brown recluse spider bite looks like, but having a similar rash, doesn’t mean you’ve been bitten.

“In all honesty the vast majority of them turn out to have not had a spider bite, it’s more likely a more common soft tissue infection from a bacteria called staph,” Dr. Kennen Thomson from St. Francis Health Center said.

Being able to tell the difference between a soft tissue infection and a recluse spider bite isn’t easy.

Within a day or so of getting either they both look the same.

Treating a staff infection far simpler, all you need is antibiotics.

But a recluse spider bite is toxic to the human body because of the venom.

“You start to see some tissue break down, start to see some ulceration, the tissue looks like it’s dying,” Dr. Thomson said.

The treatment is far more complicated – it can include antibiotics, cutting away the dead or dying tissue and may even require skin grafts.

“Because there’s really no such thing as an antibiotic for a spider bite,” Dr. Thomson said.

Symptoms of a bite include pain coming from the bite, inching, fever, vomiting, and nausea.

Doctors tell us that because spider bites and staph infections are so similar, you really can’t make a determination without medical treatment.

Also, don’t try home remedies, it could make it worse.

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