Mystery goo coats Oregon neighborhood

(KGW)  Cars in one Salem, Oregon neighborhood are getting splattered with a sticky, gooey substance.

Casondra VanDoren first noticed the problem back in May. Her SUV was covered in this yellow sticky goop.

“We came out one day and it was just splattered,” VanDoren explained. “We’ve tried washing it and it’s going to take pretty much a power-wash to get it off.”

She lives at the Applewood Apartments off Highway 22, where just about every car in the parking lot is covered with the goop.

Including Vern Sahnow’s car.

“It’s sticky and messy and just a pain,” he said.

Frustrated with the mess, Sahnow did some digging and came to an interesting conclusion with the help of a beekeeper friend. He believes the goop is actually bee poop.

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