Chiefs gear up for Thursday’s preseason opener

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. (KSNT) – “You’re not sure what they’re going to show, they’re not sure what you’re showing, so it’s a little different,” said Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith after Monday’s practice. “But when you’re strapping the pads on, and putting the jersey on, you’re expected to go out there and play well, and to go win.”

Last season the Kansas City Chiefs made the playoffs for the first time since 2010. However they couldn’t get over the hump and win their first post-season game in nearly two decades. 1994 was the last time Kansas City were victorious in a playoff game. With a sour taste in their mouths following a loss to Indianapolis in the Wild-Card round last year, this year’s squad is eager to get back on the field.

“This is what you want to do in the preseason,” said Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. “You want your veteran players to be able to get back into game mode. You want your young guys to be able to show the best they can show. Everybody will play in this game. The quarterbacks will each take one quarter, and then we’ll work from there.”

“It’s always going to get tailored back a little bit, and that’s to be expected because you want the focus to be on execution,” said Smith. “You want guys to play fast. You got younger guys, and you got newer guys. You want guys to be able to go out there and be comfortable with whats being called.”

On the offensive side, the new contract signed by Jamaal Charles makes him the second-highest paid running back in the NFL, behind the Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson, as he’ll bring in more than 8 million dollars this season. The three-time Chiefs Pro-Bowler explains just how much responsibility he really has.

“I think running back is the most important position on the field because we pick up blitz, we run the ball, and we catch the ball,” said Charles. “So I think we do more than wide receivers, offensive line, and maybe the quarterback. So I think the running back job is really important.”

As for the defense, star cornerback Brandon Flowers now plays for the San Diego Chargers. However, the Chiefs first-round draft pick, defense end Dee Ford, as well as the talented veterans of Derrick Johnson, Tamba Hali, and Dontari Poe, will provide quite a challenge for opposing offenses.

“It’s fun to compete against the defense,” said Smith. “I mean, we get such a great challenge every day going against those guys, and they throw so much at us, so it’s great work.”

The Chiefs first preseason game is Thursday night at 7:00pm from Arrowhead Stadium against the Cincinnati Bengals.

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