Ebola: Recovery continues

(NBC News)  The death toll from the deadly Ebola outbreak in Africa now stands at 887. There have been 1,600 infections since the outbreak began, making it the largest Ebola outbreak in history.

Meanwhile, the second of two Americans fighting for their lives is expected to arrive back in the United States for treatment early Tuesday.

Dr. Peter Brantly, already being treated at Emory University Hospital, is reportedly making good progress.

Just two days before he was evacuated, Brantly’s condition took a rapid turn for the worse and he was “near death” when he was given a dose of an experimental serum called ZMAPP.

Doctors in Africa say Brantly’s health improved quickly and dramatically after taking the medicine, calling the results “almost miraculous”.

His colleague, Nancy Writebol, initially thought to be in worse condition, received two doses of ZMAPP.

She’s expected to land sometime late Tuesday morning and will continue her treatment and recovery along side Brantly in the isolation unit at Emory.

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