Protecting yourself from cyber hackers

More than one-billion computer users, ranging from individuals to major corporations, are the victims of the latest cyber-heist. A small group of hackers were working  out of a town in south central Russia. The data is being sent as spam to social web pages.

American companies were some of the victims of the hack. So if you have a password…change it.

Tips to avoid hacking include varying your passwords from site to site and changing them often.The longer and more unpredictablea password is. the safer it is.

If you’re worried about forgetting new passwords, computer specialists say the best thing to do is to use tools like ‘Last Pass’ ‘Password Genie’ and ‘Dashlane.’ They are computer storage software.  It allows a user to store all of their passwords in one place. A user would only need to remember one password to open the storage.

Another tip is to switch up your security questions and don’t be predictable. Favorite color? Instead of ‘blue’, put ‘sparkle’ or ‘dog’.

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