Five indicted for laundering money through slot machines

KANSAS CITY (KSNT) – Five people were charged Thursday in federal court with allegedly laundering money from drug trafficking through Kansas City slot machines.

The federal indictments include charges of drug trafficking and laundering the profits through slot machines at the Hollywood Casino in Kansas City, KS.

Facing the battery of charges are 30 year old Gregory Rapp and 50 year old Denise Hurla, both of Gardner; 30-year old Christopher Anderson and 33 year old Kenneth Stewart both of Olathe and 29 year old Jeffrey Selectman of Shawnee.

The 12 indictments allege the money came from the sale of marijuana which was then “cleaned” by putting it into slot machines.

The US Attorney’s office says the case began when the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission contacted the Kansas Bureau of Investigation about suspicious activity at the Hollywood Casino.

According to prosecutors, rapp and others were seen depositing large sums of money in small denominations into slot machines throughout the casino. They wouldn’t make any bets, and would cash-out without playing, receiving a voucher for the amount deposited into the machines which they would then at the teller’s window.

Prosecutors say after identifying Rapp, a check of state tax records showed he had not claimed any Kansas earnings or wages since the middle of 2011.


If convicted, each faces a maximum of five years in federal prison and up to $250,000 in fines for each count.

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