Kansas group’s food trucks serve Wichita’s hungry

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — A charity served more than 51,000 meals to hungry Kansans last month at its brick-and-mortar locations and two food trucks.

The Lord’s Diner, a ministry of Catholic Charities, served more than 16,000 of those meals through a food truck stationed in a Wichita neighborhood known as Hilltop, The Wichita Eagle reported.

At least 50 percent of the people who receive meals there each night walk to the food truck parked at South Terrace Drive. Some are single mothers who also receive extra meals to take to their elderly neighbors.

The truck served about 500 dinners a night when it first started delivering meals in June, but that number soon grew to 700. On July 31, 921 meals were served.

“The night we did 921 meals, it was raining,” said Jan Haberly, executive director for the Lord’s Diner. “Still, people walked over here in the rain and waited 30 minutes in line for a meal. You don’t do that unless you really need it.”

The organization started planning for 900 meals a night after they had to stretch food items among those who stood in line, Haberly said. She said summer is typically a busy time for the organization.

“The people still received a good meal, but not everything was served — sometimes there wouldn’t be a dessert or fruit,” she said.

Most of the people in the area work several low-income jobs, Haberly said.

Billie Tucker on Monday picked up four meals — for himself, his wife and grandchildren.

“I come over here because with my Social Security and what medicine costs, I’m in the hole $400 a month,” Tucker said.

The Lord’s Diner opened in February 2002 with a mission to help feed Wichita’s hungry.




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