Hummer Sports Park Construction

There’s a lot of construction underway at Hummer Sports Park. One of our viewers, however, says that construction is costing Topeka some of its history.

“It’s very frustrating to see all those live trees go down,” Ricquelle Landis said.

Landis usually walks her dog at Hummer Sports Park but right now the park is a mess because of construction.

She’s angry so many trees are being cut down.

“I know that all of them are alive and some of them are very old they were planted when Topeka State Hospital was there,” Landis said.

She’s also angry the public wasn’t told about the project, in advance. But since the park is owned by the 501 School District – it wasn’t required to make that notification.

“Unless it affects this open and it affects the parents and stuff we would say something. But on property like this, which there aren’t that many people come out here I’m not sure that information was put out,” Ron Harbaugh, Topeka Public Schools Communications Director, said.

The trees that are marked will be cut down to widen the roads to meet city codes.

“Basically it’s going to be as few trees as possible we’re going to remove,” Harbaugh said.

Construction to the whole park won’t be finished until August 2015 but coming this September the street which leads to the football field will be finished in time for the first football game. The project will also rebuild side walks, add lighting, sewer and water lines.

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