‘National Night Out’ brings neighborhoods together

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Neighborhoods turned into one big party Saturday night as folks got together for the National Night Out.

One area gathered at Topeka’s Chesney Park. Everyone in the area met up and there was even a band.

National Night Out Against Crime is to help create a sense of community between neighbors and police agencies.

In Topeka  there were at least 50 different neighborhood get-togethers.

“For people to get to know their neighbors, get to know who they live with,” says Chesney Park NIA President Ann Marshall. People are going to be more likely to look out for somebody, to call and say “hey something is going on,” or “does this look right?” If they know their neighbors and they know what these people are doing.”

And the fun started earlier Saturday in many neighborhoods  like in central Topeka in the area called Teneesee Town.

There was even a dunk tank, cotton candy, community-wide barbeque and a Topeka Police officer stopped by to visit.

This year more than 16, 000 communities throughout the country will take part in the National Night Out Against Crime.

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