The latest nail trends

You can spend a fortune keeping up with the latest nail trends at the manicurist.

Mike Wilber has the inside scoop on a white-hot trend and it’s all DIY!

It’s all about neon on your nails for summer!

“They’re bright, they’re energetic, and they’re so versatile.”

All you need for the first look by nail expert, Tom Bachik are a few colorful polishes!

“We’re going to start with our base color. Two coats of white. White is hot for summer, fall, all year long and it really helps to make these neons pop”

Next bring out your inner artist and brush on the color!

“All you have to do is get rid of all the excess polish out of the brush and pick sides of the nails and using the bristle, come across the nail, to give you streaks of color the more imperfect it is, the more perfect it is. You want it to have heavier areas and lighter areas.”

Add a high gloss top coat, and fix any mistakes with an old makeup brush.

“Use it in remover and go right around cuticle area and clean up any of those colors that might have gotten on the skin.”

The next look — starts with a soft pink base!

“We’re going to let this dry completely, then we’re going to use simple scotch tape, we’re going to mask off our design, adding our color and we’re finished.”

Fill in the triangles with neon hues nail collection and remove the tape.

Voila — an art deco design.

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