Downtown Construction hurting businesses

Topeka- (KSNT) Construction in downtown Topeka has been frustrating for local businesses as a major street improvement project on Kansas Ave. moves into the fall.

Now another business decided to call it quits – citing that construction as a main reason.

Kansas Avenue Market will be closing it’s doors in a few months because the owner has seen a large decrease in profits.
With the construction on her side of the street, Anje Kearney says people just are not making an effort to support the downtown businesses.
Construction will continue for another year and a half, but Kearney says she can’t wait that long to see if business will improve.

“We thought that we could make it work. We thought that Topeka would support us. We thought that they would support the downtown while all of us were under construction, and that’s just something that we’ve seen not happening,” said Kearney.
Kearney believes that downtown will benefit from the construction in the long-run. Her shop, Kansas Avenue Market, will close September first.

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