Citing errors, Reno County cuts treasurer’s pay

HUTCHINSON, Kan. (AP) — The Reno County Commission has cut the treasurer’s salary by more than 24 percent, citing accounting errors that cost the county thousands of dollars.

Treasurer Jan Hull defended her work and questioned if she was being singled out before the commission voted Tuesday to reduce her salary to $52,000 from $69,000 a year. The deputy treasurer’s salary was reduced by $8,000 because that person is no longer performing the same duties as the previous deputy, The Hutchinson News reported.

The mistakes since Hull took office in October 2013 have cost the county an estimated $40,000 for independent auditors and specialists, according to the resolution approved by the commission. The resolution also said Hull “exhibited a lack of knowledge, training or expertise to adequately perform the duties of her office or to provide the same to persons employed by her.”

Hull acknowledged she had made errors but contended that her predecessor had made “almost the same exact errors” that were pointed out by auditors between 2009 and 2012 and no one discussed reducing his salary.

“The scope of errors was totally different,” Commissioner Dan Deming said. “There were not even close to the extent of what we’re talking about now, to my knowledge.”

Hull noted that the commission was aware after she won the election but before she took the job that she didn’t have experience and did not reduce her salary. She also claimed the errors occurred during the first three months of her term but officials disputed that contention.

“We gave you the benefit of the doubt that you’d perform,” Deming said. “When it was determined differently and you were not able to do the things we asked you to do, that’s why we came up with this.”


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