New school immunization requirements

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Parents of high school students may be getting a surprise when their child comes home after their first day of school this week.

There’s been a change to the immunization requirements this school year, and students and parents may be getting a note from school about it.

The new requirement is for 10th graders throughout the state to have a booster shot for the varicella or more commonly known as the chickenpox

“Varicella or chickenpox vaccine has been extended to include, K through 10 instead of K through 9,” Aimee Rosenow, Spokesperson for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, says.

The first shot is given after the first year a child is born but now kids must have a second shot between kindergarten and high school.

KDHE says in a year or two all high school students will be required to have that second shot….so they’re phasing in the new booster.

“We want to make sure that local health departments and physicians have enough vaccines to make sure that they’re able to cover all of these requirements for students,” Rosenow says.

The Shawnee County Health Agency has already seen a lot of traffic. Nurses call this time of year ‘vaccination season.’ They say it’s important to get in and get your boosters.

“We don’t have certain diseases anymore in our country because of vaccines so by getting your kids vaccinated  your not only protecting them but your also protecting the community,” Misty Karuger, Spokesperson for Shawnee County Health Agency, says.

The deadline for getting your child immunized can varies depending on which school they go to.

It could be the first day of classes or you could have a grace period of 30, 60 or even 90 days. So look for the note – or call your child’s school to get their specific policy.

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