Body sprays, cologne use limited at Lincoln school

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Officials at a Lincoln middle school have placed restrictions on the use of cologne and body sprays, saying heavy use of the sprays is causing problems for students with allergies and asthma.

Administrators at Lux Middle School have restricted application of the scents to the gym locker room. A note was sent to parents saying students would be asked not to keep body sprays, colognes or perfumes in their academic lockers.

Middle school students change clothes for physical education classes, but they don’t shower, so the sprays will still be allowed in locker rooms. If some students have problems with the sprays in the locker room, administrators will find another place for them to change.

Last year, a school in Pennsylvania asked its students to lighten up on the perfumed sprays after a student there suffered an allergic reaction so severe that he had to be hospitalized.

Lux Principal Duane Dohmen said school officials haven’t gotten complaints from parents but said some students have ended up in the nurse’s office this week because of reactions to heavily scented body sprays and colognes.

School officials do not want to make the request punitive, so the use of sprays and colognes outside of the locker room will be met with friendly reminders, not disciplinary action.

“More than anything we just said, ‘Can we be mindful that some of our students have reactions to that?'” Dohmen said.

Officials also didn’t want to call for a complete ban on the sprays, Dohmen said, because it’s important students be aware of personal hygiene.

“As a middle school we want to make sure we’re teaching proper hygiene, so there’s a fine line,” he said.

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