Church speaks out against voter ID law

Religion and politics clashed on the front steps of a Topeka church on Saturday.

It was about Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and voter ID laws.

Saturday afternoon, there was a press conference at the St. John African Methodist Episcopal Church at 7th and Topeka Boulevard.

The church says it has the names of more than 20,000 registered voters in Kansas who were not able to vote in the most recent primary election….and are at-risk for not being able to vote in november because their applications are in suspension due to the new voter ID laws.

“It has not only insulted, dehumanized, humiliated and degraded a segment of people, but it has denied life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to each person that has been affected,” Pastor and Social Action Committee Director Rev. Dr. Carieta Cain Grizzel said.

“Mr. Kobach we ask you, we ask you please to sit down with us, to talk with us and work hand in hand with us,” Wichita St. Paul AME Church Pastor Rev. Steven Shepard said.

Earlier this week, Kobach told WIBW 580 radio: “We’re absolutely going to keep fighting back, and Kansans overwhelmingly approve it. I don’t know what churches – and I would put churches in quotation marks – because the vast majority of church leaders I’ve spoken to are fully in favor of our photo ID law.”

When Kansas First News asked Kobach’s office for a response to the clergy’s criticism, a spokesperson for Kobach replied “we have no comment aside from what the secretary has said previously.”

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