Student safety at Washburn University

Classes are underway at Washburn University for the fall semester. The school is under federal investigation for how it handles sexual assaults. But how does this investigation affect students? Some students have been following the investigation.

“And it is kind of scary but other than that I still felt safe,” senior at Washburn, Vanessa Nunez said.

“I’ve had family that’s come here and he’s always felt safe and I always see campus security around and all that so, I feel perfectly safe,” freshman at Washburn, Breann Hill said.

One way students can stay safe on any college campus is by not walking alone on school grounds during the night time. Some students are taking their safety into their own hands.

“I keep a little bottle of pepper spray on my key chain just in case in the event of something, but I don’t think I’ll ever have to use it,” Hill says.

For more safety tips on how students can protect themselves they are encouraged to contact Washburn Police.

Washburn University is one of the 71 schools being investigated nationwide. The University of Kansas was added to the federal probe at the end of July.

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