Commissioners put final touches on 2015 budget

(KSNT File Photo)

SHAWNEE COUNTY (KSNT) – Shawnee County Commissioners have put the finishing touches on the 2015 budget, a full week before the deadline.

Two pieces of good news came out of the budget approved Monday morning: no property tax increase and money set aside for county employee raises.

Those goals were achieved by having the county departments and other agencies keep the same budget as last year with some departments getting more and some less than last year.

The chair of the commission said the budget “knife” was a little less severe this year.

“We had some brutal budget cuts for 2014 and we actually did a few increases for people that had gotten cut severely for 2014 but that’s a leader’s job, to manager to their budget; again that’s what county commissioners do…that’s what parks and rec has to do…that’s what everybody has to do that’s in a leadership position, that’s just fact. said Shawnee County Commissioner Bob Archer.

Commissioners also voted to budget 100,000 dollars for a Facilities Manager and another $500,000 to create and run that department, Archer voted “no” on both those items.

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