New sign means new commitment in Horton

HORTON (KSNT) – A small thing will hopefully lead to bigger things in the northeast Kansas town of Horton.

The Kickapoo Indian nation and the community gathered Wednesday afternoon to dedicate a new sign welcoming visitors to the region.

It was something you don’t see that often in Horton, city and tribal leaders together – doing something together.

Unveiling a sign they hope will be a symbol strengthening the relationship between the two communities.

“We have differences, but they can be overcome,” says  a Tribal Council member. “This day is historic, there has never been a formal recognition dedication like we’ve had today between the Kickapoo Nation and the City of Horton.”

The driving force behind employment in the city of Horton is the “Golden eagle Casino”.

Since it opened its doors, the casino has brought more than 300 jobs to the quiet little town of 1,700.

“Jobs are a lot better than what they were before he casino was here,” says

But5 even with the new jobs, there’s still plenty of work needed to improve local businesses and medical care.

“I would like to offer more services in adult daycare,” says  “more respite care. Work with the VA to create more jobs within the community and the tribe.”

That’s not something tribal casino revenues can pay for, but boosting the numbers of people coming to the community, and staying a little longer can.”

The Kickapoo Tribe and the City of Horton plan to work towards a stronger partnership that will bring economic development to both communities.

Another sign – the tribe recently donated eight fire hydrants to the city’s “Reinvent Horton” renovation campaign.


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