Topeka Metro wants public input on services

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Topeka Metropolitan Transit spent the day listening to opinions on what needs to be changed. Riders were asked to evaluate existing bus service and suggest improvements.

Patricia Wilcox would like to see service on Sundays and longer evening hours.

“There’s probably only a few changes they need to make, because Kansas City does it at night and we don’t, I mean they don’t go past, what six?” Wilcox says.

Transit officials say it’s a great idea.

“But we need some more detail about that, is it to go to work because your working second shift and it’s to get home or is it to go shopping,” Topeka Metro’s General Manager, Susan Duffy says.

The overall purpose of the meetings is to decide whether to expand, or change the city’s 14 existing bus routes and the hours riders can catch those buses. Topeka Metro, for example, may turn it’s green bus route into a designated stop system but they aren’t sure where the stops should be.

“A lot of residents in the city aren’t able to apply for jobs at the Mars and Target and all the businesses located down in that business park because we don’t run down there,” Duffy says.

Topeka Metro is taking all the suggestions and working with a consulting firm to decide what works best for the city. Officials say there will be more meetings held through out the rest of the year.

If you couldn’t make one of the meetings you can still submit your comments – just drop them off at the Quincy Street Station through September 5th.


Quincy Street Station
820 SE Quincy St.
Topeka, KS 66612
(785) 783-7000

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