9-year old injured in bike trail accident

TOPEKA (KSNT) – It’s a trail where hundreds of people walk and bike every week. Even though there’s a sign to warn bikers of a steep trail near the Lake Shawnee Golf Course, it didn’t stop the accident that happened last weekend.

Nine-year-old Amelia Donahue was riding her bike on Sunday on the trail. She was coming up on the section in the trail, near 45th street, that is very steep.

“And so I just kept going and then I lost control of where I was steering and I hit a tree,” Amelia says.

She was wearing her helmet when it happened. She hit this tree so hard it broke her bike in half. Minutes after the crash, some people nearby came to help.

“She said her left or right leg was numb, she had a problem with her left hand, then I lifted up her foot and there was quite a bit of blood coming out of her,” one of the biker’s who helped her, David Cook said.

The crash left her with a fractured hip, stitches on her foot and an air bubble in her lung. Although there are warning signs, Amelia says didn’t see them because she’s not tall enough.

Shawnee County Parks and Recreation officials say they are planning to discuss making signs more visible.

“Although if you don’t see one sign you may not see the other signs too, but we might and maybe we’ll have two signs, I don’t know, we’ll talk about several of those types of things,” Director John Knight said.

As for Amelia, she is now out of the hospital and is at her grandparent’s house recovering from her injuries.

The hill is the same place where a 58-year-old woman died after a crash with another bicyclist in 2007. That rider was not wearing a helmet at the time.  In a settlement, Shawnee County paid a $70,000 settlement to the other rider, who was injured.

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