Kansas liquor stores employ new effort to deter underage drinking


MANHATTAN (KSNT) – It’s a meeting in aisle 17 at a Manhattan liquor store and it’s something that is happen at stores all across town.

They’re the Manhattan Area Risk Prevention Coalition. A long name but a simple message about underage drinking.

“Parents are saying it’s okay, they’re in our garage. It’s okay, I know where my kids are but it’s not okay.”

The program’s called sticker shock volunteers put stickers on boxed alcohol and plastic cups reminding parents to rethink pouring a drink for minors.

“Get people to think okay, it’s wrong, I get the message . I see it everywhere, okay im seeing the message and that’s our job. To get our message out today.”

For some volunteers, Saturday hit close to home.

“I was a teenage drinker. I rolled a car, had a car accident, my friend was thrown for the car. I was injured in the car accident.”

An experience he never wants his son or anyone else to go through.

“Anything I can do to raise awareness about teen drinking, underage drinking and also to tell adults it’s not okay to provide alcohol to those underage.”

Even though it may mean a loss in sales, many distributors were on board with the stickers.

“We’d rather have the sales be the right kind of sales to the right people. Community is more important than the sales.”

Though organizers feel their stickers will help deter underage drinking.

“You have to be the responsible adult and you have to say ‘no I’m not giving alcohol to a minor.”

Besides purchasing stickers, some of the grant money goes to the Riley County Police Department. It will allow more officers to be on underage drinking patrol. Adults found providing alcohol to minors face a minimum $1,000 fine and possible jail time.





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