Riverside Cyclones football preview

Riverside football prepares for a challenging schedule in the Big Seven League.

WATHENA (KSNT) – The Riverside Cyclones are coming off a successful 7-2 campaign a season ago. After starting off the season with six wins, they dropped back-to-back games to league opponents, Hiawatha and Sabetha.

Head coach Scot Koranda is anxious for his team to get another crack at those two, but knows every league game will be a challenge.

The Cyclones start off the season at home against Jefferson West. And for right now, Jeff West is the only team on the Cyclones minds.

“When we come to whatever Friday it is, it doesn’t matter what game is coming up, what game is behind us, we’re talking about winning the day,” said Riverside head coach Scot Koranda. “And whoever is our opponent that day, that’s who we’re looking to beat.”

“Everybody wants to go to state, so that’s pretty much like the biggest goal out of everything,” said senior quarterback Andrae McGaughy. “we’re just looking to have a pretty good successful year.”

“I think we’re all ready to play, said senior lineman Phoenix Keller. “It’s going to be a lot different though. The last two years we started out 6-0, but we haven’t played anybody like this before to start out, so it’s going to be a lot tougher.”

Riverside begins its 2014 campaign on September 5 at home against Jefferson West.

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