Vietnam traveling wall arrives in Kansas

(KSNT Photo/Katya Leick)

TOPEKA (KSNT) -It arrived in town with a full military escort, former military. It was escorted by U.S. veterans from the American Legion, The Patriot Guard and The Veterans of Foreign Wars.

At the moment there’s not much to see, it’s more of a display in boxes. Once put together the wall will stand eight feet tall and 360-feet long. In size it may be 80percent of the real thing but it has 100 percent of the content. Including the names of all the Kansas men and women killed in Vietnam.

No, this isn’t the real thing but for some this as close as they can get. For those who escorted it to its temporary home, it’s a moment filled with memories.

“This wall is a healing wall. Uh it means a lot to the Vietnam veterans themselves, it means a lot to family members,” says Richard Baldwin.

Family members such as Guy Anderson helped to get the wall to the museum, “my dad fought in Vietnam… I just wanted help out and be a part of it.”

It is anticipated that people will come from all over Kansas, this being the only stop in Kansas, to show their support to those who served and died in Vietnam.

Nearly 60,000 Americans were killed in the war.

The traveling wall will be open to the public 24 hours a day during its visit.

There were 627 Kansans who lost their lives in the Vietnam War. CLICK HERE to see a lists of all the soldiers and where they were from.

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