Back to school apps help students manage schedules

(NBC News)  Getting back to school means getting back on a schedule and several new smart phone apps aim to assist with that challenge.

Procrastination may be part of the routine for many students, but the app “iProcrastinate” tries to keep them on track.

“This is an IOS app that features color-coded activity descriptions, and it lays them all out on this really beautiful color-coded calendar, and that’s very easy and very pretty to use,” notes Senior Tech Writer Julianne Pepitone.

“iProcrastinate” also has the ability to outline progress on tasks and show what’s upcoming and what’s overdue.   The app costs $1.99 and can sync with Mac computers and Dropbox.

For Android users, an app called “My Class Schedule” tracks a student’s classes, lessons and assignments.

It’ll send notifications of upcoming exams and activities, but only at appropriate times.

“There’s one feature that lets you set the phone so it will be silenced during a certain class,
so you can make sure the phone is not going to ring during your Spanish class,” Pepitone explains.

An ad free version of “My Class Schedule” is available from Google Play for $1.99.  If you don’t mind ads, that version is free.

For students blending sports with their studies, “Sprio” is a free sports management app that works as a virtual locker room.

“It lets everyone who’s involved with the team, whether it’s team members themselves, or the
coaches or the parents, all communicate in this one stream,” Pepitone says.

It’s somewhat similar to a closed group on Facebook, helping to minimize long email trails.

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