Purple Power Play

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Manhattan’s city park was filled with music and laughter tonight and a whole lot of purple!

With football season literally around the corner K-State fans began the first of two nights of showing their wildcat pride during the “Purple Power Play in the park”.

Coming together at the Manhattan city park they are able to enjoy all types of vender booths. While all evening fans were entertained by the dance teams, k-state pep band, and k-state athletes.

When fans were asked what K-state means to them they replied, “I think it means family if anything.”


“Seeing like several generations come up and get excited about k-state sports and athletics and uh just getting excited for Saturday.”

For the next three days. As fans wait for Saturday season kick-off, they can mingle and eat and buy, all things k-state. Bouncy houses and slides along with a rock wall and life size air balls are just a few ways to burn off some of that excess energy.

It’s a chance to hear from coaches and athletes…but really it’s all about wildcat fans talking k-state football with fellow fans.

“The most fun about all this is tonight is, is all of the gazillion shades of purple you see out hear.” Charlotte Schartz

Everything continues tomorrow night ending with fireworks and then Saturday the wildcats kick off the 2014 season.

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