Vietnam traveling wall opens to the public

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Some call it the wall of sorrow. Others call it the wall of heroes.

“I see the wall as 58,000 heroes of Vietnam.”  said Captain Tad Pritchett, Vietnam veteran. “Many of us came home obviously, but none of us feel like heroes.”

They’ve come from all over Kansas – and beyond – to honor those who made the greatest sacrifice.

Danny Barnett was 21-years old when he was enlisted to serve in the Vietnam War.

Years later he continues to remember those he calls “his brothers”…

“Lets me pay homage to the guys that were lost in the company and friends while I was over there,” said Danny Barnett, Vietnam veteran.

Pritchett says that the wall is a book of stories… service men and women bonded by blood to never let those stories die.

“They don’t live unless we tell about their stories and their lives,” said Pritchett. “And you’re all my heroes.”

This moving wall is an symbolic example to the nations testament and commitment to continue honoring those who made the supreme sacrifice.

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