Kansas National Guard given a rare donation


TOPEKA (KSNT) – A special moment tonight as the museum of the Kansas National Guard was given a rare donation, The Medal of Honor.

The medal is the highest honor for service men and women. Kansas native first Lt. William B. Trembley was awarded this medal for an Act of Valor in the Philippine campaign of the Spanish-American war in 1899.

The medal went missing, but was recently found by a Leavenworth woman in a dresser drawer.

She contacted the family who in turn decided to donate it to The Museum of the Kansas National Guard.

It was presented to museum officials by retired Col. Donald Ballard, he himself was a medal of honor recipient.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity to share with the community some experience that they probably never be able to reach uh and obtain on their own,” says Col. Donald Ballard.

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