Can a holiday weekend save Milford Lake?

Milford, KS (KSNT) – Throughout the summer the State has issued health advisories about blue-green algae.
As the lake advisories increased, the revenue for nearby businesses continued to suffer.

As algae levels have stayed constant the last few weeks, so has the lack of business.

Milford Lake Marina owner Tim Date says, “It’s been slow for the last month.”

Date said Friday is probably the busiest weekday they’ve had in a few weeks.
And other local businesses are hoping today’s trend will continue through labor day weekend.

“Labor Day weekend is one of our biggest weekends of the year and we’re expecting a full crowd, almost full to capacity.” says Mark Vanhoesen.

Though at times slow, business has increased this month compared to the very beginning of the summer.
As the algae warnings have increased, so has the public’s awareness to what it is and how to avoid it.

“We have had some folks back out because of weather or the blue-green algae, but we’re still getting some folks out here and having a good time. ” said Vanhoesen.

Fortunately, the lake-side businesses have been able to rely on loyal customers.

“We have great people that support us.” said Date.



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