First harvest at Crooked Post Winery

OZAWKIE (KSNT) – Making wine isn’t an easy process, it takes hours just to harvest the grapes alone.

“We started at eight o’clock in the morning, beautiful cool sunny Kansas morning,” volunteer Betty Lou Pardue says.

It’s harvesting season for the first time at the Crooked Post Winery. Although the owners Lori and Kevin Henderson have been growing grapes for 8 year, selling their grapes to other wineries, they finally decided it was time to make some of their own. However, this season brought it’s difficulties.

“Because of the frost we had in, May the 16th pretty much wiped out most of our grape crops,” Kevin says.

To compensate for their losses the Henderson’s are planning to buy grapes from other vineyards. still, they expect to make a profit from what they’ve grown.

“You know we’re open, we have tastings up stairs, they come in and taste all our wine,” Kevin says.

The grapes seen here are Seyval Blanc which are harvested only once a year, by the Henderson’s and volunteers like Pardue.

“Oh I love it,” Pardue says

The owners say a ton of these grapes will make about 600 bottles of wine.

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