New body cameras for K-State police

MANHATTAN (KSNT) — The technology is still new enough that Kansas State officers are still learning how to use the body-mounted cameras.

The Department bought five cameras earlier this summer for its patrol officers.

“It gives the officer the ability to go back and look at their work and have an accurate recording of what happened during an incident or during citizen contact,” said Captain Donald Stubbings, Kansas-State Support Services.

And that visual record of what the officer sees and does can be the evidence to secure a conviction.

At a thousand dollars each, the department doesn’t have enough to serve all the 20-plus officers on staff – so for now wearing one is optional.

“As budget allows we would like to get more cameras and eventually have all of our officers wearing these cameras,” said Stubbings.

These new body cameras will now ensure that officers and student safety is met.”

And students we spoke to sat they’re happy to see a new way to keep officers held accountable for their actions.

“There is now evidence for everything that is going on in the conversation, there is no leeway of not knowing what was said,” said a K-State student.

“It’s a way that we can know that things are fair, and just to be able to go back and look on the situation to see what happened,” said a K-State student.

The department said they first began considering the use of body cams last year – and stated the process of acquiring them this summer.


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