KOBACH: Taylor’s name will remain on November Ballot

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach said Thursday afternoon that Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Chad Taylor’s name will remain on the November general election ballot – even though Taylor has dropped out of the race.

In a mid-afternoon news conference Kobach said that while Taylor had submitted paperwork to withdraw from the race he had not provided proof he would be “physically unable to perform the duties of the office if elected.”

Under Kansas law, a candidate’s name can only be removed from the ballot if within seven days of the primary election proof is submitted to the Secretary of State’s office that the candidate has either died or would be incapable of fulfilling the term if elected.

“Mr. Taylor failed to submit that proof,” Kobach told reporters.

In a statement released earlier in the day, Taylor said he had contacted Brad Bryant, Director of Elections and Legislative Matters for the Secretary of State’s office asking about the necessary steps “…needed to terminate my candidacy for United State Senate and to withdraw my name from the ballot.”

“I again confirmed with Mr. Bryant,” Taylor concludes “that this notarized letter removed my name from the ballot. He again said “Yes.” My candidacy in this race was terminated yesterday.”

Taylor’s exit now puts a Democratic name on the ballot with no actual candidate running to unseat three-term incumbent US Senator Pat Roberts.

Asked by Kansas First News what would happen next, Kansas Democratic Party spokesman Dakota Loomis replied “We’re making sure we have all the facts and fully understand the law before discussing the circumstances.”

Roberts, at this time, faces a stiff challenge from Independent candidate Greg Orman. Wednesday Roberts accused Orman of orchestrating Taylor’s withdrawal calling it “…a corrupt bargain between Greg Orman and the national Democrats including Senator Harry Reid that disenfranchises Kansas Democrats.” He also said Orman had been hiding “…behind an independent smokescreen.”

Orman’s campaign got a boost from a group of current and former Republican legislators just hours before Taylor dropped out on Wednesday.

Dr. Jim Yonnaly, Chairman and founder of the group “Traditional Republicans for Common Sense” quickly responded to Roberts’ attack calling it “…sad and more than just a little pitiful that after 34 years in Congress and three terms in the US Senate Pat Roberts is allowing his managers to resort to finger pointing in a desparate attempt to hold his seat in the Senate.”

Yonally “…noticed with some interest the entities listed as having endorsed the Senator.”



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