Topeka West and Topeka High School honors 9/11 victims in flag raising ceremonies

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Topeka West and Topeka High Schools remembered the victims of 9-11 Thursday morning with a flag raising ceremony carried out by each school’s Junior ROTC cadets.

“I’m 16-teen now. I was probably at daycare watching Dora.”

The cadets stood at attention as their classmates raised the American and State flags to half-staff on the 13th anniversary of the attacks that left more than 3,000 people dead.“Thursday’s event is about honoring those who have fallen in our past and not forgetting,” said Cadet S. Sgt. Francesca Kelley, Topeka High Jr. ROTC.

Remembering an event most are not old enough to remember first hand.

“It’s not probably until my freshman year in high school where it really made an impact on my life, because freshman year I got into ROTC I was a brand new cadet and I started learning about how many servicemen I have in my family,” said Cadet Maj. Dominic Ramos, Topeka High Jr. ROTC.

And that’s why, for these cadets, the ceremonies honored those now serving as well as those killed in September 11th attacks.

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