Boy paddled at school, left with bruises and welts

(KBMT)-“Nothing like this has ever happened to my kid before,” said Annmarie Riza.

She says her son had to use the restroom, so he ran across the gym in cleats. When coaches found out, they punished him.

“One of the coaches pulled him aside and told him he was going to get popped,” she said.

Corporal punishment is next to last in the student code of conduct’s discipline techniques.
It also says “district employees will consider a variety of factors when administering disciplinary consequences.” Some of those factors include the effect of the misconduct and the age of the student.

Riza says she consented to the spanking.

“He begged me to do the corporal punishment because the coaches didn’t like the idea of them not being able to spank them because they can’t take time out of practice to make them flip tires or run laps,” said Riza.

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